Surveillance and Security Recruitment Agency

Surveillance and security is the prime concern of times. Nothing can run without proper security either its home, office, commercial plazas, malls etc. There has to be top-notch security to avoid any mishaps in daily business. 24 Seven Recruitment Agency is the only recruitment Agency that is recruiting security and surveillance personnel in all over Middle East and associated regions. Our recruitment Agency has more demands for the recruitment of surveillance team and the security personnel from the Gulf region. Due high rate of development in Gulf region, the need for security personnel has arisen. Our recruitment group provides CCTV operators, surveillance officers, security and surveillance operations manager, guards etc.


24 Seven Recruitment Agency provides the CCTV operators and the mobile surveillance officers to different international companies. The security personnel are needed to prevent different mishaps or sabotage from different influential factors. We provide recruitment of CCTV operators who have years of experience in controlling and maintenance of the environment and equipment. This CCTV operators and surveillance officers require sharp skills to identify the security concern in seconds and take safety measures accordingly. We have recruited several CCTV operators and other security personnel to different companies in UAE, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain etc.


We also provide the recruitment solutions for the security officers either they are security supervisor, security officers, head of security or guards. Security supervisors have to look after the performance of guards and supervise on any security concern. That’s the reason security supervisors are high in demand for recruitment in international companies. Above all comes the head of security, who is in charge of planning the security parameter architecture and gives or approves the master plan for security. He/she has to look after the security supervisors, CCTV operators and the guards. We provide recruitment solutions with every type of security personnel.


24 Seven Recruitment Agency analyses each candidate for surveillance and security job before recruitment process. To be eligible as the certain security personnel, candidates must possess the relevant surveillance and security experience and skills needed for the respective job.


For recruitment as head of security candidate must have relevant experience in any recognized firm and previous military or other forces experience will be an added advantage.

For recruitment as security supervisor, candidate must have performed as guard, or mobile security officer previously and have some hand on experience in the current security position he is applying for.

For CCTV operator, the candidate must possess extraordinary skills to catch the disturbance or unusual activity within seconds and take essential security measures.

For recruitment as guard, candidate must be physically strong, and have served in military or forces previously. Must know the use of different arms and ammunitions for security of goods or facilities.

Security agencies who are looking forward for the recruitment solutions for hiring professional staff or the companies need independent surveillance and security personnel for recruitment may contact us freely. Just a few clicks can get you the best recruitment solutions.