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A flight attendant or air hostess, is an important member of the aircrew. They are primarily responsible for passenger safety and comfort. Among all the other cabin crew, an air hostess plays an essential role in an airline. She is responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers on both national and international flights. A career as an air hostess provides employment opportunities in national, international, commercial, and chartered crafts. 


Hiring professional and competent air hostesses is an uphill task for any airline. If you are a fresher and looking for flight attendant jobs or if your airline is looking for air hostesses with excellent interpersonal skills, then contact Al-Saqib recruitment group. Global Al Saqib Recruitment Group is one of the biggest recruitment groups active internationally, dealing in various kinds of manpower recruitment and staffing categories. 


Moreover, we have a separate network, especially for the fulfillment of recruitment and staffing needs of the airline industry. Our hiring agency caters to our clients’ cabin crew requirements for female air hostesses. We are one of the best cabin crew staffing companies and fetch and dispatch skilled cabin crew. 

Cabin Crew Recruitment

 24 Seven Recruitment Agency is well aware of how air hostesses and flight stewards in airlines are responsible for the delivery of safety and comfort. They provide assistance to passengers throughout the flight. Therefore, in general, the recruitment process for such staffing positions could be more strenuous. 24 Seven Recruitment Agency can assist your airline in this regard by providing a workforce according to your staffing requirements. 

Looking for cabin crew jobs for females?

Besides, if you are looking for a cabin crew job in your desired airline, then look no further and contact 24 Seven Recruitment Group. We are a top-rated Air hostesses Recruitment Agency in Pakistan For Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman Middle East – Gulf Countries, and European Countries. Our company is the only recruitment group that has been dealing with air hostesses, cabin crew, and flight steward recruitment and staffing in top-notch airlines around the world. Furthermore, we have successfully provided several professional cabin crew staff to various airlines globally.


Our international recruitment agency is proven in providing the highest retention rate with permanent,  successful, and long-term cabin crew for your airline. Therefore, this quality has made us the most trustworthy cabin crew recruitment agency among our competitors.  Our recruiters specialize in various industries and have provided expertly targeted headhunting and recruitment services globally. 


Why choose 24 Seven Recruitment Consultants?

24 Seven has its own database of qualified and high-quality candidates. Our resourcefulness of professional candidates and the PR with top-notch sectors around the globe are what sets 24 Seven recruiting agency apart from conventional recruiters. We have access to qualified and professional personnel and provide recruitment in every industry including recruitment of Airhostesses. 


  • We bring more than 15 years of experience to the table. 
  • Our international recruitment agency is proven in providing the highest retention rate. Candidates prove to be permanent,  successful, and long-term for your organization
  • Our cabin crew recruitment consultants connect you with professional and experienced staff. 
  • We aim to build you a team loaded with skills, expertise, and refreshed productivity. 
  • Our recruitment consultancy takes the legwork out of your candidate search so you can focus on your airline rather than recruitment processes. 
  • We provide a seamless hiring process that allows you to skip right to the interview stage.

Eligibility criteria for Air Hostess Recruitment

24 Seven Recruitment Agency has particular criteria for air hostesses we recommend for recruitment in different airlines. Our recruitment procedure guarantees the provision of the right candidate for staffing. The eligibility criteria for air hostesses are mentioned below:

  • Must possess excellent communication skills and can speak fluent English (Command over other international languages will be added advantage).
  • Should have a minimum height of 5’3” with a pleasing personality and courteous gestures.
  • Must have a higher secondary certificate or equivalent degree or diploma.
  • Should be unmarried and be comfortable working in different environments.
  • Must be comfortable with working in different shifts (24/7 availability on rotation is a must).

Duties to perform:

  • Welcome the passengers
  • Check the tickets of passengers and assist them to their seats.
  • Make sure passengers are seated, have stowed their tray tables, and fastened their seatbelts before take-off
  • Give flight and safety instructions to passengers (such as fastening seat belts, oxygen masks, etc.)
  • Provide guidance to passengers in case of emergency.
  • Serve passengers with food, refreshments, and drinks.
  • Listen and act on the passenger’s problems, patiently and courteously.
  • Help passengers with their luggage.
  • Briefing about the flight schedule to the pilot.
  • Attend all the passengers while boarding and de-boarding the plane.

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