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24 Seven Recruitment Agency is recognized as one of the prominent international Pakistani recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia for overseas employment. Our commitment extends to providing top-notch manpower placement services to a diverse range of leading companies and industries in Saudi Arabia. Our focus is on recruiting qualified and skilled individuals for organizations operating within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

For over 15 years, we have been instrumental in connecting thousands of foreign workers with rewarding career opportunities in Saudi Arabia. Our regional experience has allowed us to develop a profound understanding of the Saudi market. We are well-versed in employer demands, workplace culture, and the employment landscape in KSA. Our track record includes successfully placing numerous candidates in permanent roles across various industries and professions.


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Industries We Serve as Top Saudi Arabia Recruitment Consultants

As the Saudi economy experiences significant growth and development across diverse sectors, including oil and gas, mining, metals, manufacturing, renewable energy, and infrastructure, a multitude of opportunities has emerged for job seekers. The government’s investments in various industries have led to an increased demand for qualified professionals.

At 24 Seven Recruitment Agency, distinguished as one of the premier recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia, with offices in Jeddah and Riyadh, our consultants are dedicated to providing comprehensive manpower hiring services across all major industries. We specialize in connecting qualified professionals with thriving career opportunities in alignment with the evolving landscape of the Saudi job market.

Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies in Saudi Arabia

The oil and gas industry stands as the primary contributor to the Saudi economy, providing substantial employment opportunities for a significant portion of the workforce. Approximately two-thirds of the workforce, both local and international, find employment within the oil and gas sector.

At 24 Seven Recruitment Agency, a distinguished recruitment company in Saudi Arabia with a presence in Jeddah, Riyadh, and other major cities, we collaborate with leading oil and gas companies. Our commitment lies in recruiting top-tier and highly professional candidates tailored to the specific job requirements of our esteemed client companies.

Healthcare manpower recruitment in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia boasts a diverse healthcare system encompassing both public and private sectors, both known for delivering high-quality services. At 24 Seven Recruitment Agency, we take pride in maintaining the highest employee retention rate, solidifying our position as a top and reliable staffing and healthcare manpower agency in Saudi Arabia.

Our agency’s recruiters specialize in sourcing and placing healthcare professionals within the Saudi healthcare system, connecting qualified candidates with suitable opportunities in the industry. Operating as a recruitment consultancy firm in KSA, we cater to both local and international candidates, with a particular emphasis on the abundance of job opportunities, especially for females, within the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia.

Distinguished as one of the most trusted healthcare recruitment agencies in Riyadh, we have successfully recruited numerous Pakistani doctors and nurses. Our services extend to major cities in Saudi Arabia, including Jeddah and Riyadh.

Teacher Recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia Riyadh

As a prominent manpower recruiting agency, 24 Seven Recruitment Agency collaborates with diverse businesses to assess and meet their staffing requirements. With strong relationships with premier schools and universities throughout Saudi Arabia, our company is well-positioned to aid individuals seeking teaching jobs in the country.

Our services extend beyond mere job placements; we facilitate interviews and job opportunities for our clients, offering valuable advice and guidance throughout the recruitment process. Al-Saqib excels in expediting the hiring process, ensuring a seamless recruitment experience for your company. Our in-house recruitment agency oversees the entire recruiting process from start to finish.

Domestic Workers and Maid Recruitment Agency Saudi Arabia

As a premier manpower consultancy service provider, 24 Seven Recruitment Agency excels in offering domestic workers and maid recruitment services in Saudi Arabia. Our commitment lies in providing reliable services that cater to the specific needs and demands of our clients in Saudi Arabia.

Pakistani Manpower for Saudi Arabia Recruitment

We are one of the few licensed manpower recruitment agencies for Saudi Arabia in Pakistan. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of recruitment services under one roof. Due to the growing youth bulge in Pakistan and the country’s struggling job market young talents and fresh graduates in Pakistan aspire to work in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Saudi Arabia welcomes Pakistani employees with open arms. The reason is that the country owes most of its development to skilled and unskilled labor from Pakistan. Our Pakistani Labor has been the key force behind Saudi Arabia’s constant economic development. 24 Seven Recruitment Agency plays a vital role in catering to Saudi Arabia’s headhunting requirements. We provide top talent from Pakistan in diverse fields of profession. Our recruitment agency in Saudi Arabia can headhunt for several roles. Whether you’re looking for general, skilled, or highly-skilled tradesmen. Contact 24 Seven Recruitment  agency, we have been providing recruitment services for all kinds of labor. We take pride in bridging the employment-jobseeker divides and helping Pakistani youth land the right career opportunities in Saudi Arabia. rewrite content

Recruit through International Recruitment Agencies in Saudi Arabia

As a prominent recruitment agency, 24 Seven Recruitment Agency has been facilitating the connection between job seekers and employment opportunities in Saudi Arabia. We specialize in linking employers to quality human resources in Pakistan and other countries in the region, establishing a strong reputation in overseas recruitment services for Saudi Arabia. Our agency has cultivated lasting partnerships with top job providers in the country.

In addition to collaborating with leading companies, we have forged alliances with local recruitment industry partners in Saudi Arabia. Our primary objective is to build high-performing teams equipped with skills, expertise, and refreshed productivity to contribute to the economic growth and development of the country.

We handle all aspects of the Saudi Arabia employment process, ensuring a seamless experience for both employers and job seekers. Our services encompass everything from identifying potential employees and conducting background checks to facilitating interviews and aiding in visa processing. We assist candidates with migration-related documentations as well.

Among the various overseas recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia, 24 Seven Recruitment Agency holds a distinguished position. This recognition is a result of our extensive industry experience and our team of recruiting professionals who are integral members of our global team.

Recruitment Services for Saudi Arabia FAQs

Is it easy to get a job in Saudi Arabia?

It can be difficult to land a job in Saudi Arabia straight after you graduate, as its policy is only to permit recruitment of foreign nationals who bring in specialist skills where there is a shortage.

How can I get a job in Saudi Arabia?

To work in Saudi Arabia, you will ultimately need a residence permit (Iqama), which allows you to work for a specific amount of time (up to two years). Anyone moving to Saudi Arabia for work needs to have a Saudi employer who can act as their sponsor

Can foreigners work in Saudi Arabia

Foreigners wanting to work in Saudi Arabia are required to apply for a work visa. This visa can’t be obtained without a confirmed job offer and sponsorship from an employer. It is therefore not possible to arrive in Saudi Arabia in order to look for work..