“For recruitment in Saudi Arabia, the client company is required to compile a specific set of documents to facilitate the hiring process. These documents, submitted to the local office of 24 Seven Recruitment Agency, are then forwarded to the Protector of Emigrants (Government of Pakistan). This step is essential to obtain the required permissions and initiate the registration process.”

“The recruitment process commences by placing job advertisements in widely circulated local daily newspapers. These ads provide detailed information about vacant positions and specify the ideal candidates for the roles.”

“Candidates who successfully pass the initial screening and aptitude test are then invited for initial interviews with recruitment experts at 24 Seven Recruitment Agency. During these interviews, candidates undergo additional assessments to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.”

“After the initial interview with the 24 Seven Recruitment Agency team, final interviews are arranged with a comprehensive interview board comprising individuals from both the client company and our team.”

“After the final selection, candidates are required to undergo mandatory medical examinations conducted by our team of medical experts at 24 Seven Recruitment Agency. Our team consists of highly competent specialists and doctors duly approved by GCC and the consulate of the employer’s country.”

“Upon receiving successful medical results for a candidate securing an overseas job, we promptly initiate their visa processing at 24 Seven Recruitment Agency to expedite the final placement.”

“Simultaneously, all evidence of candidates’ qualifications and experiences undergoes meticulous cross-checking and verification for authenticity at 24 Seven Recruitment Agency. The application process concludes only when the documents are thoroughly verified.”