Marine Staff Recruitment Agency

24 Seven Recruitment Group is the leading Marine Recruitment Agency. Maritime transportation and industry are a fundamental part of world trade. Today, around 90% of world trade is carried out by sea and is used to transport food, garments, raw materials, medicines, technology equipment, and much more. For growth and sustainable development, cost-efficient mechanisms of shipping are followed, especially in the developing world.

The demand for Marine Recruitment services is growing to fulfill the requirement for skilled manpower in this sector. Global 24 Seven Recruitment Group is a well-known recruitment agency to cater to the requirement of skilled manpower in this industry. They have been successfully delivering trained and competent personnel to the offshore industry. A large number of candidates have already been recruited by their company for various shipping companies across the globe. With their extensive experience in the sector of Shipping and Marine Recruitment, they have become the preferred agency for many companies.”

International offshore Marine Recruitment Solutions

“24 Seven is an international recruitment and offshore crewing agency that combines experience, in-depth knowledge, and talent to successfully serve businesses in the Offshore, Maritime, Oil & Gas, and Technical Personnel sectors. The marine industry is one of the most influential industries around the globe. Being the most economical shipping industry, it efficiently offers the most competitive freight costs to shippers over long distances. It helps to cargo oversized and bulky stuff safely. The transportation is more environmentally friendly than any other transportation.

24 Seven Recruitment Group is one of the leading agencies providing offshore jobs in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Poland, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Middle East, Gulf, and European Countries.”

Why should I choose the Al-Saqib recruitment agency?

Our company has links with major marine companies around the globe. We assist them in fetching the best marine personnel. We maintain a regular database of personnel working in this field. We keep track of their work and in case any one of them is willing to change a job for a better opportunity we assist accordingly. 

  • We have an extensive experience in the sourcing of maritime manpower. We have been providing the best service for years and have satisfied clients. We are the top priority among recruiters.
  • We are experts in handling staff needs of all sizes of companies. We have relevant knowledge and serve the smallest of the shipping or port-based companies to the giants in the marine industry.  
  • Our company takes great pride and credit in having recruited some of the personnel who are now stalwarts in the marine industry. 
  • We are the most trusted maritime recruiters operating at the moment for candidates hunting for job opportunities. We provide complete assurance about the job. We have the most competent people in our own database.
  • We provide a seamless connection between the candidates and their prospective employers and provide them with a bridge to achieve their goals.  The satisfaction of both parties is our top priority.  
  • We supply the required workforce as per the decided timeframe so that the client’s business might not be affected. We take care of our clients’ expectations. 

How Overseas marine Recruitment is done?

“24 Seven group assesses professional candidates for the marine industry on the basis of requirements provided to us by the client company. Candidates have to pass our initial interview and tests to be eligible for overseas employment in our prestigious and renowned client’s company.

We follow the strict criteria of the recruitment procedure for quality assurance. Our procedure guarantees the best employment for the marine industry through our group. We have programmed our recruitment group to be less error-prone with a continuous check and balance system. The international standards followed by Global 24 Seven Recruitment Group have made the hiring process easy and error-free for our overseas clients in the marine sector and for manpower.

Join the Global 24 Seven Recruitment Group network in Pakistan today for world-class employment options.”

Marine Manpower Recruitment Sectors

Our professional and dedicated recruitment team provide recruitment solutions in the following sectors of the marine industry:

  • Marine and Deck operations crew
  • Intervention specialists and teams
  • Deepwater, IMR professionals
  • Company reps – construction / Survey / hydrographic
  • Field services
  • Cable lay, survey & repair
  • Offshore construction
  • Subsea Engineering & systems design and installation specialists
  • Offshore substation
  • Offshore wind farm specialist
  • Supply vessels support, PSV, DSV, SSV, ROV,  and much more
  • Mooring vessels

24 Seven recruitment agency provides recruitment services for

  • Purchasing Marine Officer
  • Submarine Designer
  • Blue Water Ship Owners, Operators, and Charterers
  • Yacht Builders
  • Onshore Marine coordinator
  • Marine Co-Ordinates Jobs
  • Engineer Superintendent
  • Marine Safety & Quality Manager
  • Consultant Naval Architects
  • Company Health & Safety Officer
  • Dock Engineer · Dock Master
  • Marine Equipment Designers
  • Engineer Superintendent Aberdeen
  • Engineer Superintendent
  • Business Development Manager