Shipping Recruitment Agency

“Recruitment in shipping companies was never this easy before.  24 Seven Recruitment Group brings several staffing positions being an authentic shipping recruitment agency. Shipping and cargo business is one of the most important businesses contributing a lot to world trade. Shipping companies have different contracts taking different products and goods from one location to another. #1 shipping Recruitment Agency in Pakistan For Middle East – Gulf Countries | European Countries |  24 Seven Recruitment Group contributes to shipping business being the manpower supplier for different recruitment options. The import and export businesses are the key factor of shipping businesses generating different recruitment and staffing positions for manpower. The economy of the countries relies on the import and export per annum, and shipping companies play a key role in bringing and taking different goods and consumables. The global oil and gas trade is heavily dependent upon the shipping industry, thus generating recruitment options for skilled manpower. Shipping industry requires the skilled manpower to run day to day errands and needs qualified and trained people to fulfill their staffing and recruitment needs. 24 Seven Recruitment Group TOP Rated #1 shipping Recruitment Agency in Pakistan For Middle East – Gulf Countries has proved itself as an acclaimed shipping recruitment agency, providing recruitment solutions to different shipping companies for their staffing needs.

 24 Seven Recruitment Group TOP Rated #1 shipping Recruitment Agency in Pakistan For Middle East – Gulf Countries is the only shipping recruitment agency in Pakistan which especially provides manpower for shipping business, providing naval architects, technical superintendents, ship brokers, charters, etc. Even to take care of all the staffing requirements, we also provide manpower for miscellaneous recruitment options such as shipping crews, loaders, crane-operators, engineers, sales and support managers, captains, machine operators, mechanics, electricians, medical doctors, pharmacists, entertainers, etc.

 24 Seven Recruitment Group TOP Rated #1 Shipping Overseas Employment Agency in Pakistan For Romania, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Middle East – Gulf Countries | European Our procedure for the selection of candidates for recruitment in the shipping industry consists of several steps. We ensure the eligibility of the prospective candidate for recruitment, testing their skills, checking background, inquiring about previous experiences and physical fitness for staffing in the shipping industry. We prefer the candidates who have previous experiences in the commercial shipping industry, merchant navy, or naval armed forces for recruitment in the shipping industry as such candidates possess the expertise and experience needed for staffing in shipping companies. We believe in strong and long-term relationships with our clients giving the best recruitment and staffing options as a renowned shipping recruitment agency.

We are looking for candidates for recruitment who prefer to work in a competent working environment. Our staffing solutions come with exquisite benefits and a chance to work with one of the leading industries in the world, and the shipping industry is just one of them. 24 Seven Group has proved itself as a competent shipping recruitment agency and is working harder to achieve more by providing the most promising recruitment and staffing solutions.”